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About Us

Derthick's Corn Maze

About Us

Derthicks Farm is an 8th generation family owned and operated farm. In 1806 the farm was purchased from the Connecticut Land Company, sight unseen, and the family loaded up wagons and headed west. The operation thrived on the making of cheese and an orchard of apples, selling to markets via the Ohio and Erie Cannal throughout the 19th century.

a picture of a farm house

The Farm has seen much change from those first days

Due to depletion of soil the 4th generation studied fertility and learned how to restore the soil. At that time the farm grew wheat, oats, corn and later potatoes were grown. The areas first milking machines were also installed. As times changed in 1958 one of the areas first milking parlors was installed and the production of potatoes ended. More cows were added when Philip graduated from Alfred State University as generation 6 bought the farm. Philip still runs the farm today. 
As the farm transitions again to keep the family farm moving into today’s generation, the addition of the corn maze started in 2006. Education and entertainment are an important part of the community and surrounding areas. Derthicks provide a fun place to visit, learn and create lasting family memories!

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